Friday, December 27, 2013

Finding A Senior Living Community

Finding the right senior living facility in Santa Rosa is easier said than done.  The right senior living community will meet your loved ones personal care needs and budget.  Unfortunately, few assisted living facilities are equal to the task where mobility limitations or dementia behaviors exist.  If your loved one has dementia or physical limitations you will have a more difficult time finding a good Santa Rosa senior living community than if your loved one was ambulatory with fair cognition.

If your loved one has poor mobility many larger senior living communities in Sonoma County will not retain your loved one for long.  If they initially accept your loved one, and only after you have paid an admission fee, the facility may catch-up to the realization that they cannot dedicate the staff necessary to help your loved one ambulate.  As a result, the senior living community may evict your loved one forcing you to undergo the stressful transition process once again.  In light of this common fact pattern you should first seek a senior living home in Santa Rosa that can provide for your loved ones mobility from the outset.